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So do you want to give an elegant look to your living area or might be your other spaces like your bedroom, kitchen and even your corridor.Rugs are the essential element to decor your area. And of course when you are going to spend your money then you will definitely have more concerns.So am telling you the secret of choosing a Modern Rugs And Decor according to your spaces, because it’s very important to choose the right color and design according to the size of your area.

You know when I am going to apply some new stuff at my home I mostly do tons of research and ask many questions to the suppliers and read reviews about the product. And yeah the most important part before any shopping I set a budget.

But you don’t worry about the product details the pros and Cons and especially about your pocket Because I’m all set to help you out to pick the right product according to your desire, here’s a quick list of all types of Area Rugs which you can easily wash or can manage even on your dark carpet in your living room.

The simple bright color of area rugs will give breath to your living room, in fact, Garden outdoor Rugs enhance the beauty of your garden and outdoor spaces. You can’t believe I have a bunch of ideas to share with you and I am really very excited.

1. Glam Paisley Area Rug

To decorate the outdoor space of your house is such a tricky thing for all. Like which direction you want to go, Whether you are choosing Traditional, tribal, Persian, Jute and sisal rugs, and many more. But my suggestion will definitely help you to decide the right thing to purchase.

When you are picking Rug for your Outdoor Space, you can’t ignore the most essential part to choose the correct material for outdoor areas are strong colors and Long lasting material because it has to fight against weather and stains. It has more useful rather than indoor Rugs.

Area Rugs at your Outdoor spaces give amazing impact, lively look, and feel.

Product details:

  • The weight of the rug is 7.55 pounds
  • The assembly height is 0.375 inches, width 60 inches and Length is 60 inches.
  • It has beautiful and strong colors made up of polypropylene fibers providing both comfort and durability.
  • The rug is kids and pet friendly.
  • The back of the Rug is woven.
  • This Rug holds up to the traffic area of your home because it is made up of premium polypropylene fibers.


  • It is soft and comfortable to walk.
  • It is easy to wash on a machine.
  • If you have this Rug then you don’t need to worry because it has the quality of absorbing the Dirt and Mud.
  • It’s perfectly flat on the floor because it has woven backing.
  • You can easily use a vacuum to clean it efficiently.
  • Don’t need Rug pad under it.


  • The rug slightly rolled because when it comes it is tightly wrapped but lay flat in a day or so.

Summary review

This is a fantastic choice to decore your floor with the amazing designs of the Area Rugs. Reviewers have praised their Soft and comfy effect. They also have a one-year warranty so you can purchase them without overthinking.

2. Area Rug Beige Floral

If you get bored from the routine theme or decor of your home then slight change can give the new feel and especially the bold colors give a luxurious look to your living area, bedroom or any part of your home and I bet you will feel the new change in your life too.

I found cool design rugs at the most affordable price and yes this is a real achievement when you spent more than 50 hours and you got the right product.

Some important things you need to do before you’re going to buy something for your home decor.

Product Details:

  • The area Rug has strong and attractive colors, also the design is a very appealing elegant floral design with a great color combination of Beige and Maroon.
  • The weight of the Rug is 8.93 pounds.
  • The fabric is 100% Polypropylene
    Stains, shedding, and Fading resistance.
  • This product is easy to wash and the best choice for the traffic area of your homes like kitchens, hallways, and outdoor areas of your entryways.
  • The back of the rug is of Rubber so it is not slippery and grip into the floor.


  • This Rug hides the stains and you can easily use in your entryways and gives a warm welcome to your guest.
  • Easy to wash in the regular machine.
  • The colors are vibrant and fit in all themes of your home.
  • Feel of the rug is soft.
  • Best choice if you have pets.


  • The rug is a little thin but it’s not a big flaw so don’t hesitate to buy it. I personally recommend it for high traffic areas of your home and if you have kids and pets then this is the right choice because it absorbs dirt.

Summary review

Most customers are satisfied with the quality of this product and Love the design and bright colored area rugs increase the beauty of the area. All of them have praised it for its lightweight and easy to clean feature.

3. Colibyou Kitchen Carpet Bathroom Outdoor Braided Mat

I just love to welcome my guests in a presentable way that’s why I mostly try to change small things in my circumstances. Outdoor rugs give luxurious feeling and it will look more catchy like your home that’s why I think it’s important to make the outer area more beautiful because I believe the FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE LAST IMPRESSION  after lots of research I figure out the best Rugs for Kitchen and for Bathroom area.

Simply adding a piece of cloth with beautiful colors and designs can enhance the beauty of the outdoor area and kitchen as well.

Product Details:

  • The material of the Rug is cotton and the design is very catchy with checkered and Plaid.
  • The best part of this Rug is it can be easily dry when you wash it.
  • The Rug is very soft and can easily hide the stains because it is made of polyester.
  • The rug is easy to clean and look trendy in your indoor or outdoor area.


  • Easy to wash.
  • The rug is not slippery on a plain surface.
  • The rug is of Multy use because it has a chic and trendy look.
  • The colors are perfectly vibrant.
  • This beautiful piece of cloth is soft and comfortable.


  • It is better to use the 2nd layer because in Kitchen and sink area it slips.

Summary review

When I was reviewing this Rug most of the customers praised their high-quality material. The lightweight area Rug is durable and trustworthy. the rug is easy to wash and best for high traffic area.

4. Traditional Area Rug

Do you love unique designs with trendy looks so it is the best choice for everyone who loves their tradition?

Traditional Area Rugs transform your area in the most Elegant way and also boost the beauty of the room. This traditional area rug provides a soft and comfortable touch of purity. It is easy to clean, washable in machine and vacuum.

Product Details:

  • If you have kids and you are also a pet lover then it is the right choice.
  • The rug is perfect for high traffic areas because it is easy to wash and can dry easily.
  • This rug is waterproof, mold- and mildew proof, stain-free and does not fade.
  • Washing instructions include determining spot washing as long as it’s a short-pile, indoor rug, and daily vacuuming is required.


  • The price is quite awesome.
  • The quality of the product is outstanding.
  • The rug is made up of polypropylene.
  • Easy to clean and stain-resistant.
  • Vibrant colors and doesn’t fade best for high traffic areas.


  • When I was writing the review of this product many people complain about the fold issue of carpet. So after a week your rug got flatten.

Summary review

when I was reviewing the Sofia Traditional Area Rug I figure out the carpet has a soft feel and perfect for high traffic areas. This rug has a sort of “light/dark effect” depending on which way you are looking at the rug. The best thing you can buy at affordable prices.

5. Bohemian Chic Vintage Distressed Area Rug, 3′ x 5′


Center rug is the attraction of the whole living room and gives a pleasant look to your home. The area rug should be 24 inches wider from your couch or chair to look better and gives a warm ambiance to your guest.
Bohemian Chic Vintage Area Rug is the best option to give intimate feelings and make the look of room airy and comfortable.

Product Details:

  • The rug is perfect for kids and pets because it is stains resistance.
  • Easy to spills cleanup from a wet towel you don’t need to use the machine.
  • The area rug is best for the living room and entryways.
  • The color or rug gives airy look to your room.
  • The rug is made up of non-shedding premium polypropylene fibers which provide durability.
  • The rug is reasonable for the size (3’x5′).


  • You can use this rug in samll area beacause the pattern of the rug is most appealing.
  • It is high-quality, with a reasonable amount.
  • The colors are vibrant and just right “distressed” look
  • The rug is soft and comfy with a low pile.
  • The rug will look good with dark theme furniture.


  • when I was reviewing the product I didn’t find any negative comment about the seller and product but there is only a Fold issue with some peoples and it will get back to flatten after day 1 or 2.

Summary review

When I was writing the review I found this rug is best for those who have kids and pets because the rug is stain resistance, 100% polypropylene fibers. Bohemian Chic Vintage is easy to wash and vacuum. This is the best investment you could have spent on a rug of this quality.

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